Agile DevOps

Simplify the DevOps process by gaining visibility, easily implementing change and ensuring smooth auditing

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DevOps Visibility

Gain full visibility into what is happening in your
organisation and solve these common challenges

Why is DevOps difficult to scale?

Lack of DevOps Visibility and Traceability

Difficulty sharing content between Dev and Ops

Lack of DevOps Compliance

In one example a customer reported 94% of changes are not registered in change control

Poor DevOps Process & time to delivery

No significant increase in the rate of delivery from DevOps

Improve workflows and employee satisfaction by giving DevOps teams full visibility over the entire value stream and additionally reduced MTTR from improved visibility.

DevOps Change Management

Create alerts and change requests seamlessly to reject mistakes

Allow teams to handle larger change numbers and achieve compliance through automated change policies

  • Reduce manual activities for developers, change managers, and release managers
  • Multiply releases throughput
  • Full traceability, auditability
  • Increase control and governance
  • Data centralisation

    DevOps Visibility

    Lower failure rate and better mean time to recovery


    Optimise for greater or higher deployment frequency


    Robust process with everything tracked


    Out-of-the-box integrations

We are ServiceNow certified
DevOps consultants

Our tool integrates with Kumoco Cloud Manager and the recommendations can be included in the toolchain and implemented as part of an approved release

DevOps Integration

Out-of-the-box integrations to standard tools in the DevOps toolchain are among the primary use cases

Tools like Jira and ITBM Agile (for planning), GitHub and Bitbucket (Code repositories), Jenkins (CI/CD Pipeline), and accessing data from ServiceNow Agile Development (Agile 2.0) and other ServiceNow products are available for integration.

Kumoco can add any other tool with an API easily.

DevOps Audit

Make auditing a quick and pleasant experience, giving organisations detailed insight to change approvals at every step.

Organisations frame compliance rules to meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and ISO. DevOps and Compliance managers ensure there aren’t any compliance problems from disorderly development workflows.

Kumoco and ServiceNow helps DevOps practitioners stay compliant, however, also increases compliance with high-level automation.

Save costs by automating audit data collection.

With Kumoco you are no longer constrained, anyone who is doing DevOps can use this.

Optimise your cloud estate today

Our user-friendly dashboards ensure that you and your team always have the information you need at your fingertips

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