Enterprise cloud billing
management & recharge

Automatically analyze your cloud costs to reliably allocate and recharge them to your customers and internal business units

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Encourage cloud financial accountability

Ensure teams are all in sync with their cloud costs, creating a financially sustainable culture

Cloud Manager’s powerful cloud billing management tool helps you to understand and distribute your cloud costs and bill customers

Generate summary or detailed line-item invoices and reports to enable recharging of cloud costs according to consumption by Organisational Unit or Cost Centre

Charge business units based on their individual (specific) usage, or to show usage against projects/activities

Accurate cloud cost management means that teams understand exactly the cost their products and cloud services incur, enabling teams to take ownership of these costs/services provided

View and monitor cloud cost allocation progress to quickly determine which costs have been allocated and which are yet to be associated with an organisational unit, service or dedicated resource

Cloud budgeting & thresholds

Budget based on actual spend and consumption
across your entire cloud estate

  • Predict and define the spend in a budgetary period to fund BAU activities and projects
  • Monitor and manage budget deviations, based on user-defined thresholds
  • Identify and manage gaps between budget and forecast
  • Alert, investigate, and correct deviations

Cloud cost forecasting & planning

Our cloud cost management tools help you to understand and provide long-term financial forecasting and planning.

Powerful dashboards

Powerful visual dashboards and insights enable business units to provision cloud budgets in advance and purchase the most cost-effective resources for future projects

Linear and dynamic forecasting

Linear and dynamic forecasting can be broken down by departments, organizational units and services

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