Cloud security & Compliance

Kumoco Cloud Manager ensures your cloud is always secure & compliant

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Kumoco Cloud Manager was built in order to help companies keep their cloud secure & compliant at all times

The average cost of a security breach has risen to $4.2 Million, a 10% rise from 2020

Kumoco Cloud Manager helps to prevent these breaches and ensure you stay secure and compliant at all times

Simplify your cloud estate with easy-to-view dashboards that highlight security breaches within your cloud estate immediately

Save your organization 100s of days, increasing business value

You can view the benefits of automation within our product by seeing the manual effort required to fix this

Kumoco Cloud Manager is a Built On Now™ product available in the ServiceNow Store

Kumoco Cloud Manager

Gain full visibility of your cloud estate with convenient solutions at your fingertips

ServiceNow Edition

Rapidly benefit from automated cloud recommendations and leverage the power of ServiceNow

Ensure your cloud estate is secure at all times

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