Kumoco Cloud Manager automates:

    • Continuous optimisation of usage and cost
    • Real-time monitoring of compliance and security
    • Comprehensive billing and recharge
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Automate your cloud with
Kumoco Cloud Manager

A fully automated cloud management platform to ensure
your cloud is compliant and cost effective.

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Explore the capabilities of your cloud estate and find out how to make it work harder.



Pilot your cloud estate from anywhere with our dashboard view, accessible from any device.



Leverage utilisation recommendations and lower-priced spot instances to reduce your cloud spend by up to 80%.



Keep your data safe and your estate compliant with 24/7 automated monitoring from Cloud Manager.



Fully automated workflows make cost recommendations and flag compliance issues so you can take action quickly and save on resource costs.

Billing & Recharge


Analyze your cloud costs to allocate and recharge them to your customers and internal business units.

Leading-edge technology to optimise your cloud management

Our dashboard and advanced automation services make your cloud work harder for you.

Multi-Cloud Discovery & Provisioning

  • Discover all the AWS and Azure services that exist in your cloud estate (including Azure V1 Classic).
  • Provision new and terminate existing AWS and Azure cloud services.
  • Utilise the ServiceNow Service Catalogue to provisions services automatically via Terraform and Cloud formation Modules and templates.

Governance & Reporting

  • View your entire cloud estate and inventory.
  • Powerful visual dashboards that give you insights into your cloud usage and spend.
    • View per day and total spend across your public cloud estate broken down by provider (AWS, Azure), account, service categories (Application Services, Compute, Load Balancer, Storage, and Tools), and individual resources.
    • View server health scores for each of your individual cloud resources.
    • View total actual vs. potential savings across your cloud estate, broken down at both account and individual resource level.
  • Administrative dashboards to ensure Cloud Manager is running correctly, highlighting any failed transactions that require attention.

Utilisation Optimisation

  • 24/7 monitoring generating continuous and up-to-date recommendations to optimise your cloud usage and spend.
  • Utilisation recommendations alerting you to under-utilised services that can be scheduled or simply switched off.
  • Right-sizing recommendations to ensure that you are not overpaying for over sized services you don’t need.
  • View utilisation scores by CPU, memory, disk and network at individual resource level.

Save up to 80% with Spot Markets

  • Spot recommendations – assess and recommend existing instances that can be converted to lower cost AWS Spot / Azure Low Priority instances by leveraging cloud providers’ excess capacity, allowing you to save up to 80% in costs.
  • No downtime with 100% availability – in the event where Spot/Low Priority instances are not available, Cloud Manager will fall back to on-demand instances, reverting back to Spot/Low Priority instances as soon as they become available. This means your services will be always on without any loss of service.
  • Predictive analysis to anticipate any disruptions to your Spot/Low Priority instances and redistribute workloads, providing a seamless and uninterrupted service.
  • Set up Spot Groups, allowing you to provision Spot/Low Priority instances seamlessly in minutes.
  • View projected and over-time savings from using Spot/Low Priority instances in place of on demand servers.

Enterprise Billing & Recharge

  • Generate summary or detailed line-item invoices and reports.
  • Enable recharging according to consumption (by Organisational Unit or Cost Centre).


  • Full REST API Integration to Kumoco Cloud Manager data and existing ServiceNow modules.
  • Easy to install, ServiceNow Certified App, integrated with ServiceNow security model.
  • Integrated with ServiceNow CMDB allowing you to have all your cloud resources in the CMDB.
  • Integrated with ServiceNow ITSM – utilisation thresholds and recommendations are generated as incident management tasks, enabling integration with your existing ServiceNow assignees and assignment groups.


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