Diversity and Equal Opportunities


This policy aims to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, valuing the unique contributions of all staff, job applicants, customers, suppliers, and visitors. It underscores our commitment to fairness and equality in every aspect of employment, both in the office and remotely, irrespective of individual differences or personal characteristics.

Policy Statement

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities within employment. Progression and entry into employment will be strictly based on personal merit and criteria relevant to the duties of each position. This policy prohibits any form of harassment or intimidation based on race, religion or belief, colour, sex, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Recruitment and Selection

Our recruitment process is designed to be fair, objective, and based solely on the abilities and qualifications of candidates. We ensure that all job specifications are clear, inclusive, and encourage applications from all community sectors. Selection criteria will be transparent, merit-based, and consistent across all levels.

Interview Process

Interview panels will consist of at least two members and will focus solely on the selection criteria. We ensure accessibility for disabled applicants and fair assessment of all candidates.

Training, Development, and Promotion

We encourage all employees to realize their full potential. Decisions regarding training, development, and promotion will be merit-based and free from bias.

Grievance and Disciplinary Measures

Complaints of discrimination will be taken seriously, treated confidentially, and can be reported to designated personnel (such as Paul O’Shea). Retaliation against individuals who lodge such complaints is strictly prohibited.

Global Compliance

This policy is designed in compliance with the UK’s Equality Act 2010, EU directives on anti-discrimination, and the US’s federal employment discrimination laws. It will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure ongoing compliance with these legal frameworks and to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.